Greetings, and welcome to Managed Mail!

Thank you for agreeing to be a part of our exciting new product. We sincerely appreciate the time you take to make this product even better. Below is an outline of steps needed to open the new product, log in, use, and get a feel for what it offers. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please feel free to email our abuse team at

1. Go to this URL: . You will see a box in the center of the screen titled 'Quarantined E-mail login'. The first entry will be your email address. The second entry will be your password. If you have forgotten your password, please call us.

2. After you enter your login and password information, press the button 'Enter Quarantine'. You will be taken to a screen with four menu options along the top left. Those are:
    a. - This will take you to the homepage.
    b. Quarantine - This link will take you to the first quarantined email page.
    c. Options - Here you can change defaults and add addresses to whitelists and blacklists. More information is provided below.
    d. Sign Out - End your session in the Quarantined Email section by pressing this link.
There is also a menu bar with buttons on it. These are:
    a. Deliver - This delivers all messages that are checked into your mailbox for download.
    b. Delete - This deletes all checked messages from the quarantine.
    c. Options - This is the same as the "Options" link above.
    d. Logout - This is the same as the "Sign Out" link above.
    e. Select All checkbox - this lets you quickly select all messages in your quarantine that are visible on the screen.
You can also see the total number of quarantined emails and the current date and time in this menu bar.

3. If you have any emails in the quarantine, you will see them listed in the table. There are seven columns for the quarantined emails:
    a. Check box - Here you may check the email to mass delete or mass deliver to your inbox.
    b. Sender - Who sent you the quarantined email
    c. Subject - Contents of the subject line of the quarantined email
    d. Date - Date the quarantined email was sent to you
    e. Size - Size of the quarantined email
    f. Reason - Reason the email was blocked. There are six reasons emails can be blocked:
      i. Spam-S - The contents of the subject line and email are checked against a known list of keywords, which caused this email to appear to be spam. Also known as "Score".
      ii. Spam-R - The email was sent from an email server known to be an "open relay" (a server which accepts mail from anyone, to anyone). Also known as "RBL".
      iii. DNS - The email address cannot be verified via DNS
      iv. Virus - The email contains an attachment with a known virus, a possible virus, or has an extension that often carries a virus.
      v. Size - The email is larger than 4 megabytes.
      vi. Address - The email was sent from someone on your 'blacklist'.
    g. Actions - Here you can forward the email on to your inbox, or delete it from the quarantine area.

4. Click on an email by clicking the contents of the subject line. This will display the contents of the email. Also from this screen, you can deliver the email to your inbox, or delete it from the quarantine area. There are two more options on this screen as well: 'Previous Message' and 'Next Message'. This will allow you to go back and forth between all quarantined emails without having to go back to the main screen.

5. Click 'Options'.
Here you can set the blocking level of your personal quarantine area. 'Medium-High' is default, which offers optimal protection.
Below the Spam Blocking Level you will see an area called 'Whitelist'. You may enter an email address you want to allow despite the address showing up in the quarantined area.
Below that is the 'Blacklist' area. Any addresses entered here will ALWAYS be blacklisted. Addresses entered in both 'Whitelist' and 'Blacklist' areas can be entered specifically, such as, or more generally, by using the domain, such as * If you use the more general option, any email from that domain will be blocked. If you receive a 'false positive', that is, a legitimate email from a user you know to be valid, add their email address or domain to the 'Whitelist' area. Please let us know if you see any false positives.
The next option allows you to strip HTML tags from mails. This will allow you to see the visible text in the email without having to read or understand HTML. The default is off.
The last option allows you to choose how many messages on a page you wish to view. The default is 20.

6. If you make any changes to this area, click the 'Change Quarantine Options' button at the bottom of the screen.

7. When you are finished checking your quarantined emails, please click the 'Sign Off' link at the top of the screen.

Once again, we hope this new service is a great value to you! We value your input on every aspect of the product. We need your feedback to increase the productivity of this new product, so please let us know regularly how you feel it is working for you. Please email us at with any input or comments you have.

If you receive unsolicited emails that make it past the filters of Managed Mail, please forward the email to us so we may make changes to better serve you. Please make sure to include all headers when you do this. If you need assistance doing this, email with the name and version of the email client you are using.

We currently stop attachments that end in .exe, .pif, .bat, .com, .scr, .lnk, .cmd, and .vbs. If you need to receive a file in any of these formats, please encourage the sender to use a zip program like WinZip to send the file.

Please note that messages are deleted from the Quarantined area when they are 10 days old or older. Therefore, we encourage you to check your quarantine at least once a week for mails that may have been accidentally quarantined.

If you have asked us to forward your mail to another account, Managed Mail will still check the mail that comes through before it gets forwarded to your chosen destination.

If you have disabled cookies, please enable them before using the Managed Mail quarantine area.

Managed Mail is not a replacement for desktop virus protection. Please continue using other antivirus software in conjuction with Managed Mail.

Finally, from time to time we may add new features to the Managed Mail service. When we do this, we will place a note above the Login box, and update our help area to reflect the changes. The latest copy of this help will always be available at the following URL:

We feel that this product will greatly reduce the amount of unsolicited email and viruses you receive.

Thank you,

The Abuse Team